Tomorrows ride (and pictures)

Last Sunday’s Ride
Lisa Baker was kind enough to host. She also raised the bar with cloth napkins, real silverware, and a great spread. But don’t worry, camp will be usable soon and I can lower the bar back where it was. Thirteen of us rode just over 26 miles, up route 13 to Chittenango back Quarry road to Caz then home. Quarry road is one you want to ride sometime. There is a lot of hill to it, but not that steep, just long. Scott Shannon tweaked the ride by taking us off main routes and using safer and scenic side roads. I have to say, one of the great joys of the Erieville Bicycle Club (aside from or in spite of riding with me) is leaning on the local knowledge of experts who know the great hidden biking roads around here. Along with Scott on this ride was Lisa Baker, Mike and Angi Buckley, Pat Demyan, Rick Morris, Pauline Cecere, David Neff, Catherine McDonough, Kate Stewart, Janet Ohlsen, and Andy Greenberg.
Pictures below courtesy of Lisa Baker

35 telltale signs that you’re officially a cyclist (congratulations):

From 35 Signs You’re a Cyclist
31. If you have a garage, your car doesn’t fit inside thanks to all of the bike stands and other cycling gear.

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