Today’s ride

Now, this is actually Sunday’s ride. But instead of sending this to the Erieville Bicycle Club, it went to USAirways. Do not know how that happened. I am forwarding it on to you now.

Incidentally, I am looking for a home to rent for my brother fourth of July week. Must have air conditioning and sleep 3 couples and one infant. Needs to be within one half hour of Erieville. Anyone have any ideas?

Today’s Ride

Pauline Cecere summed up todays ride, “Perfect”, she said. A few hills, not too far, not too short, not too cold, brownies, fruit and coffee, and great people. 17 rode and even after we got back riders kept showing up. Lisa Baker and newly recruited member Kate Stewart both pedaled in separately. Kudos to Jeff and Sandy Palmer for hosting and mapping the ride. 23 miles of Bicycling Bliss around Deruyter Lake and back. Also riding Catherine McDonough, David Neff, Gioia Gensini, Andy Greenberg, Susan Jenkins, Janet Ohlsen, Harlan Share, Sue Shopiro, Gabe Yankowitz, Steve Share, Pat Demyan, Colleen Stevens, and Jim Francis.

Attached is the map Jeff Palmer created in planning for the ride.

To support my thesis that women are taking over the world; the formerly all male Erieville Bicycle Club had 9 women and 8 men riding today. Counting Lisa and Kate that is 11 women to 8 men or 58%.

35 telltale signs that you’re officially a cyclist (congratulations):

4. The “check engine” light in your car has been on for months, but the most minor mechanical issue on your bike is resolved immediately…

(You know who I am talking about here)


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