Ride Sunday 4/9/17

Ride Sunday

Ignore the weather now. Sunday will be 66 degrees and sunny. We will leave from Jeff and Sandy Palmer’s home at 1001 Eastview Drive, Cazenovia, NY 13035 at 10:00 AM. Temperature is projected to be 46 degrees and rising at 10:00 AM Sunday. Expect a short 20 to 25 mile ride.

Did you know?

I am serving on the Onondaga Grand Jury. So if you were thinking of getting indicted for a felony, now is the time.

35 telltale signs that you’re officially a cyclist (congratulations):

3. You’ve tried every energy bar, gel and powdered electrolyte mix on the market and have homed in on the exact right combo to keep you from bonking on long rides.

Paul Silverstein

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