5/3 Weedsport, NY to HOME! 48 miles

Though the breezes were not in our favor, the sun was out and the temperature just right for cycling. This day was probably one of most hilly of rides on the whole trip; no reprieve except for a short section of flatness as we maneuvered through the City of Syracuse. Our friend, Janet, met us on Rt. 92 and rode the last 7 or 8 miles home with us. What a nice welcome!

A few stats…
Total miles = 1668.5 (or so)
Average day’s mileage = 55.6
Flat tires = 4 (2 apiece)
Nights with friends and Warm Showers folks = 8
Nights in B and B’s = 2
Nights in motels = 20
Nights camping outside = 0

Thank you for reading the blog and sending comments, news, and words of encouragement. We felt as though some of you were traveling right along with us, and that felt good!