5/2 Henrietta, NY to Weedsport, NY 69 miles

Serendipity! As Jeff and I sat down in the Wegman’s cafe in Henrietta, we saw another couple. We recognized each other at the same time—Rita and David Penoyer, our old neighbors who had moved to the Rochester area 6 years ago! It was such an unexpected pleasure to see them! Rita was Amy’s cello teacher. They were having their weekly breakfast with son, Bard, who showed up before we left, and remembered us as the people with the recumbent bikes.

Near Pittsford we picked up the Erie Canal bike path. It seemed more park-like and beautiful than the canal trail in Onondaga and Madison Counties, and parts were paved!. We got off the trail to see how riding on route 31 would be, knowing if we didn’t like it, we could hop back on the canal trail. We enjoyed seeing the canal towns along 31, many of them well-preserved and charming. Akron was a stand-out. At these lower elevations the cherry, apple, and magnolia trees are in full bloom. Route 31 brought us all the way to Weedsport where we checked in at the Best Western Motel. I especially appreciated that it was in the center of town, not several miles away near an interstate and accessible only via some super, crazy busy highway (like last night).