Texarkana to New Boston, TX

After a comfy night in our 6 x 3 ft. roomette on the “Texas Eagle” from Chicago to Texarkana, we finally began the real deal–cycling. We felt right at home here in TX–skies were gray, a north wind was blowing, and the temperature was 40. Unlike the home terrain, this was nearly flat, so the 25 miles to New Boston was a breeze. (The only alternative was to do 85 miles to Broken Bow into the north wind…)

Starting Trip

We keep looking at the long-range forecasts; if the weather is half decent on April Fool’s Day, we’ll cycle to the Syracuse train station, put our bikes in bike boxes, and start the journey on the “Lake Shore Limited” to Chicago and then switch to the “Texas Eagle” which will get us to Texarkana.